Floating around the mitten in fall (Pt.3)

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(Photos: Landscapes - Wooden footbridges, streams, trees in fall)

000 cover pinkney3.jpg

Pathways and bridges once again :) My obsession comes out once more. That also includes streams, creeks, and washes as well for me -- as they are actually some of my favorite trails to take.

I am not sure if everyone has the same reaction, but when there's a clear and visible path in a photo it makes it easier for me to imagine myself traveling through the scene.


A big reason for these wooden walkways/bridges is because there are pretty large parts of this park that are covered in shallow water.

It might not be easy to tell, but beneath a lot of the foliage there is actually shallow water.


I think that maybe this is missing something without the sky peeking out, but that's okay.

3  4.jpg

4  3.jpg

Playing with vertical images to show more scale in the trees.


I think this one is my favorite, it's just so verdant with the greens and yellows.

Again -- Definitely would have liked to have made it out here earlier in the season. Still had a great time here though


Stream scene! Probably could have cropped it better to accentuate the stream part of it, but I was more focused on the forest at the time.

I like how the diffused light falls right through the color on the leaves, which is why I left it this way. 😃


I call this "seeing the forest through the trees". It's really hard to capture the experience of walking through the woods with a camera. When you're there it's easy to focus on everything around you, but when it's been abstracted in a photograph it seems more chaotic than serene.

This little red tree on the left ends up becoming the subject for me, so I think that is why it works for me.

Notes on any of these three volumes would be appreciated. I think there were some great shots in here, though there are some that could probably be improved as well. I'm always striving to improve!

Anyways, thanks for coming by --

Hope you enjoyed the pics 😎


Pt1: link
Pt2: link
Pt3: external link

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Well, it does happens to me as well, going through a certain path and watching some scenarios and there comes out my camera and boooom !! Click Click Click.

Nice shots btw !!

that's pretty awesome to see and explore made my day indeed that was fun !