Which whale is pumping into Steem? It has increased by more than 37%!

10개월 전

Oh, maybe this is good news for all of us or just the price manipulation of a big fish. It really surprised me..!


In Vietnam, we are about to welcome the Lunar New Year. And maybe so Vietnamese people like me, we don't have much time to write articles on Steem. The Lunar New Year keeps us busy for a long time! But I still keep the habit of watching the market at least once a day.

Perhaps many of you don't often pay attention to the price of Steem, instead you focus your time to do other jobs on Steem. So, although I have no intention of writing today, but because this dance is too interesting, so please take a look at it with me.

Happy new year 2020 :)

PS: If you know the reason for it, leave a reply, I'm a bit curious. Thanks alot :)

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This is a good news to me too.
Sbd is also on the game.
It has gone up to about $0.7
Have you seen that one too?


SBD is often in the same trend as STEEM. I'm afraid it's just a wave created by sharks. I want to see STEEM in the top 30 of coinmarketcap.
Make lots SBD and wait for it to come up :) GOOD LUCK!


Good luck to you too

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I have not been looking the way of steem for a while now because of it's poor form.
This is definitely heartwarming. I just hope this trend continues.
P.S: Happy Lunar New year

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Thank you dear friend 🌹

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Thank you for being here, I just came back. I find you rarely write :)