IMG_20200218_210113.jpg > <.

No regrets, any human being on this planet earth, can't deny the fact about how beautiful this is. Land, wide Streams of water flowing, beautiful Air, the wind. Also with the snow. A clear Definition of Winter chilling. This is a nice place to be in. Just imagine your retired, just you and your family and wife. Chilling by near by waters and in the cold snow, where there is warmness.


IMG_20200218_210129.jpg > <.

Not Actually the name of this place. And definately not the cross road to heaven, but you can count on me that this is a beautiful cross road picture. This could be a master piece art. Snow isin't just some element of ice particles, but an Element of wonder and supprise. I wish i could live here. This beautiful place would be good to chill out with your family on a sunday, After the service. Or a place to walk through and clear your head. It sure is a cross road of heaven.

IMG_20200218_210141.jpg <.

This picture so much reminds me of the three wise men in the bible. Only that we have a single person in this astonishing picture. Won't you Agree with me that this is a beautiful piece of Art work. A realistic one at that. I do love beautiful work of art especially portraying nature in it's true form. The moon correctly shining beside the man. With that lovely Camel. Isin't nature just lovely. I wish i could be that close to the moon to take a quick shot with it.

IMG_20200218_210154.jpg <.

Even known to be the worlds most deadliest reptile, still serves as nature beauty and gift. The serpent has been existing even from the beginning of Adam and Eve in the bible. So venomos and yet still beautiful, can you imagine that. An Art photo by "Tanto yensen". So lovely. I should try and get one of these as a pet. Hope i'd be safe though. Also said to be wise. There is a saying that states "Be humble as a sheep and wise as a serpent". This is to show its level of wiseness. Its also known to be a Territorial animal. Does not play with its space. If i were to name this snake, i would call it the blu-ivy snake.


IMG_20200218_215933.jpg <.

Now this is what i call a green pasture home land. I bet it would cost a lot. Every day of your life living here would be filled with fun and adventures. Its just like living in a fortress. A secret fortress.
This view tells us alone how beautiful nature is, and how it can be mixed with humanity. What does nature mean to you?.

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