Spirit beings


First of all, we have to come to an understanding that we humans where created from a spirit being, which is God Almighty. He dwells in the heavenly. A place we mortals can not dwell in. Or even see with our naked eyes. There are two spiritual kingdoms ruling this world. First we have the kingdom of light and darkness. Basically called God and Satan. First we discuss heaven. Zion.med-3x2.jpg

Heaven meaning paradise, the dwelling place of God, and his angels. Heaven can be described as many things. But mostly referred to as paradise. Its also the resting place of the saints.
And it is written in the bible "Mathew5:12,rejoice and be glad,for your reward is great in heaven,for so they prosecuted the prophets who where before you."
That scriptures lays emphasis on the saints. Those who will inherit the kingdom of God their father. They are the meek, the humble the True believers of the word. There is a difference from the word christianity and being a christian.
The word christianity emphasises on the religion aspect. While being a christian is being conformed and transformed by the word, and putting it to use. How?
1, By shining your inner light as a christian. Which is the holy spirit. Only a true believer who is baptised through water, and holy ghost and fire. Can receive the holy spirit. Receiving the holy spirit comes with spiritual gifts and benefits.
2, By Accepting christ as ones lord and saviour. Which is the most basic thing as a christian.
3, By Evangelising and spreading the good news around the world.
It says from the bible "Mark 16:15, And he said unto them,go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."
4, By consecrating one self from the evils of the world. Which is known as "Sin".
5, By having Faith always.

These, instances are key in christianity. Now we move to the Hierarcy of Heaven:-
We have,
1, God the father, son and the holyspirit. Which are the three in trinity.
2, We have the Human beings. Which are directly underneath God the father.
3, We have The Arch Angels, which are more powerful than the normal angels. They dwell at the throne of mercy. Where God resides.
4, then we have the Angels.


Angels are ministering spirits. They are equally spirit beings. Which we mortals can't see with our naked eyes. They dwell in the heaven. Long before man was created there was a war in heaven called the rebellion which led one third of the Angels against God. But some angels stood with God and fought back. Which led to war. And the leader of the rebellion was the Arch Angel Lucifer, which was defeated and changed to satan the "enemy". And those angels who stood with God, where also led by the warrior angel named Michael. His also an Arch Angel. Angels till today serve different purposes and were formed through brimestone and fire. Angels Exists.


It is an everlasting smoke and fire with sulphur. It never stops burning.
First we have:-
1, Lucifer the Lord of hell. Leader of the rebellion. The Arch angel, which is now the fallen.
2, we have the principalities.. Higher demons. They are Bilal, The Beast, Asmodeous, Belzibub, and mammon.
3, Then we have the lesser demons with limited powers.

I would not say much on the kingdom of darkness because it is a place no man if this earth wants to go. Also like in the heavenlies there are spiritual beings in this kingdom. They are normally and generally called Demons. They serve different purposes. They have nothing good for man kind. But destruction. We can only oppose them with the power of God. Which is all in the scriptures. It says from the bible in isaiah 54:17 "No weapon that is formed against you will prosper, and every tongue that accuses you in judgement you will condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the lord, and their vindication to me." declares the lord."

So therefore, spirit beings are real, depending on the side you choose to follow, and believe more in. Choose light. And resist darkness, For in light there is Peace, joy, fulfillment, blessings, prosperity.

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