IMG20190903164222.jpgI like to fund out some differential thing... Today I'm able to fund out Colourful bamboo garden... I'm really astonish to see this bamboo garden... This garden bamboo are very straight & thin but well decorated this garden. I were try to know about this bamboo garden the owner of this bamboo garden Said to me about something this bamboo garden beginning history.... The owner of bamboo garden visited Mumbai (India) 2016 of his relative home ... The relative home near by so neighbours leave.... The present owner of bamboo garden were walking with his relative suddenly he can seen to the colourful bamboo garden & he want to know about this bamboo garden & he want to talk with bamboo garden owner... Finally he able to meet with the owner & he try to know about the bamboo garden how to prepared plantation how to land choose & finally he to him Where the plant able able to buy.... Relative neighbour said to him if you want to cultivation this bamboo I will give you some plant... You can try It's in your country& he given to him 3 plant... The present owner said to him it’s your pleasure ... Finally he came back in Bangladesh & he choose the place beside pond & dig to a big whole & put on 3 plant accumulated to the distance of 3 years at this moment this bamboo garden healthy 16 bamboo available.... The owner claim that number of people’s came here & seen the bamboo garden....

This photo taken by Abu Taleb
Camera status: phone camera
Phone model : Oppo Af 37
Location : Rangpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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