Have You Visited Seattle... Beautiful CityScape from the Ferry

4년 전

One place that everyone should visit in their lifetime is the City of Seattle in Washington State in the northwestern United States just bordering on Canada. It's a beautiful city, but with a wet, grey, rainy climate, it's beauty is often very muted, as in this image of the city taken on a grey afternoon as I was crossing into Seattle from the 'bedroom community' of Bainbridge Island.

have you visited seattle landscape.jpg

Seattle is surrounded by islands and there are ferries all over the place going to the various peninsulas and islands. You may very well see seals, ducks, eagles, and even orcas (killer whales) on one of the ferries to or from Seattle. It's a georgeous place, made even more beautiful when the sun shines! Summer is the time that visitors normally go to Seattle, but the short winter days have their own appeal as well.

bainbridge island ferry.JPG

Images are my own. Taken with my Nexus 5x smartphone

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Cool pic! Keep up with posting these awe-inspiring photos.

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