What A Beauty!!

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Muscle cars are by far my favourite type of vehicle. This Mustang was in mint condition probably one could even say “Perfect” condition. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to buy a muscle car and Lyndsay and I can just cruise around together.

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Your success on Steemit will earn so much for you that one day you will be able to buy such a beautiful muscular car. Keep posting on steemit. 😉😉😉😉😎😎😎


Thanks!!! You may just be right. We must continue to work hard on here and maybe one day it just might happen.

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Wow, we love those cars. Yes, those are the type of cars that you cruise in for sure. Sure reminds me of our younger life with Dad;s firebird. All his friends and their muscle cars. Going to the race track, and watching them all race their cars. Watch American Grafitti if you want to see some cool cars and a time when people did just that cruise. Dad and I would cruise up and down young street on a Saturaday night and talk to everyone. Such good memories.


I can only imagine what that would be like. I would’ve loved to live those times. These crap cars nowadays are just pathetic

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![]Close image of dads car. ha we even slept in it a few times. dont do that lol




Oh yeah!!! So awesome

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Awesome, perfect shot, i wish i can have one in my life


I hope you can as well! They’re such beautiful cars!

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My best friend was obsessed with Mustangs in college. It was totally like a law of attraction demonstration, because suddenly with her we'd see like ten Mustangs a day driving around, lol. Shelby's were her favorite, too.

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That’s awesome!! I always find that happens. It’s like another dimension activates lol

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remind the memories of vintages car collection...

was that at Vernon's?


Yes it was!!!

Cool car. I love the American cars.

It's true the muscle cars had such great character and there is nearly nothing quite as grand coming out these days. Beautiful car.

I'm a bit late to this post so my bad, but couldn't help but comment. It's not that hard to own one of these of you got capital. I know a guy who buys and sells old cars for a living. It sounds like buying old classic cars like this one is good money especially if your country has a tax break for selling vintage vehicles. Right now having fiat in the bank gaining interest is a bad idea compared to buying a classic car and sellig it once you wanna cash out as they apprrciate with value at a crazy rate. See this article which is from a news site in my country: