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Gaya anda sangat keren sekali,saya sangat suka sekali.
Menurut saya anda pantas jadi model profesional hehe.


hahaha makasih :-)


Kunjungi akun saya juga dong kak hehe

Nice concept! Way better than the usual bikini pics. Like to see more of this. 👍


happy you like it!

Great location for a photoshoot! The first and last shots are particularly powerful.

What was the building used for originally?


thank you! The building is an university building that they never finished. Maybe they ran out of money, I don't know. It's not too uncommon here in Indonesia...

Pretty impressive climbing skills you have there, some nice shots too. :o)

Cool pic @herbaliblog,

I like the climbing one most.

Did you know that there is a Steemit Bali Meetup Kuta at the 1.8.18 somewhere at the beach close to the Hard Rock Hotel??

You are invited to meet other Steemians.

All the best from @detlev