The beauty of nature (Mixed pictures)

3년 전

What would we be without it? We are going to destroy the ecosystem in a quick moment related to cosmic time scale. Lets enjoy the last pictures of undestroyed nature with this picture series.


The Hazy sky in the late summer in Germany. The red dawn might look beautiful but its rather the dirt in our atmosphere. Wonder how it looked eons ago without the human.


This little buddy here couldn't be eluded from his work. Always busy digging for the golden juice. I think there is no organism more organised then bees and bumblebees. Bwwww i like their sound. Mothership arrives :D

Coulds swirling down the mountains of Gran Canaria. Desert meets vulcans. A great island.


Mallorca we always like it.


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wow awesome nature photography friend @herrleger

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