Skin And Soul | Self Portrait

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Nudity has been a big part of my art.
When I was little, I underwent surgery which caused me the trauma that I have been suffering since. I had to wear a hospital gown which was thin, long, and loose clothing. I felt naked even when I was wearing that gown because it can easily expose my back.


Inside the operating room was a nightmare.
They pinned me down to stop me from trying to escape the torture-like treatment. I was touched everywhere.

Since then I became sensitive with touch that it became my trigger.


I was just a kid. Innocent. Vulnerable. Helpless.


What can a kid do to protect itself?




Being naked in my art expresses these feelings.


It may be a symbol of weakness in my art.
But the important thing is that I have already embraced the brokenness by showing the scars.

And I'm okay with it.

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at the end of the day we are all naked bodies covered by insecurities, It's a very important to be comfortable with your own body regardless of how it might look. <3

I literally love your works!
You will easily make me use all my upvoting power if I continue to look at your feed :D
I'm lucky to have found your account on my first day here :)


Aaaww, thank you!! And so this is your first day. Welcome! I appreciate that you already love my works on our first interaction. :D


I'll surely check your other works but...slowly, I like to appreciate things taking my time to think and appreciate!
Would you mind if I take inspiration from some of your works to write poetry? It's my passion to write poems :)


Yes, of course! It would be an honor :)

What I appreciate about this visual medium is the ability to share anything the creator desires. As you’ve shared something personal, it’s palpable in the photos. Now I may be out of line, but does your work help you express other feelings? The impression I feel is that there is depth to you and your work we haven’t seen yet.


Thanks! Yeah, I made some works before with different emotions and themes.
This one, although still dark, I believe I was able to show feeling of assurance or faith within oneself.

This one is sweet or just being playful and happy.

Excellent photos along with the expressions and what they convey.


Excellent photos
Along with the expressions
And what they convey.

                 - ronaldjfs

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Your range as an artist is so impressive, @hiddenblade.


Thank you, Lars! Always delighted to know a great photographer appreciates my photos :D

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Wow, girl, wow! Recognizing vulnerability is the greatest source of strength, if you ask me. Plus ya hot asf so....


Haha yeah I think so too. And accepting and recognizing your weaknesses is also a sign of strength IMO. Thanks supportive ras! :D