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All right then!

I think it was either something about sunsets or something about legs.
The tendon was my fault, next time I'll know not to be cheap when it comes to choosing shoes...

Unfortunately, I was never one to listen to a lot of music while working or studying, I get easily distracted. I do that sometimes, but while I translate towards English (which is not my language, of course) I find it very hard to follow lyrics which are often also in English. Sometimes I put on some instrumental stuff as background, though :) I believe yesterday I listened to some The Pineapple Thief after I stopped working. Anything good on your side?

Anyway, I will definitely post something later. Still deciding though, I'm somewhat conflicted about what to post :)


Ha I'm awful with shoes, too. I always get these flimsy ones for heavy walking and end up fucking my legs for a day or two :))

Hm I get what you're saying. Recently, I haven't been able to listen while working either...
Too many words, I guess. Yeah, listening to this atm..

It's beautiful.

Cool :D look forward to it.


Tell me about it, I'm all about army boots. It's not that I'm into army stuff per se, I just love boots.

Holy shit, that was intense. Really. Powerful message. The lyrics really got to me. I don't want to write a novel here, and that's also because I'm still trying to understand how it makes me feel. But thank you for that. I didn't know this song but it's definitely gonna make my rotation.


Glad you liked it :D I recently discovered it myself and Sully Erna's been blaring from my speakers for a few days now.