🌴🌴🌴 My Daily Travel Photo #6 In Seychelles 🌴🌴🌴


Mahé Island Seychelles

sey 9 Mahe.JPG
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Image © hvr All Rights Reserved

CameraNikon D750
LensAF-S Nikkor 24 -120mm, F / 4 G ED VR
Settings@ 24mm, ISO 50, 1 / 320s, f / 9

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a beautiful place envies you it

  ·  지난달

Thank you for your comment. Every time I look at the photos I also wish I was there again.

Is this on the beach?

  ·  지난달

It becomes a small wild beach only when the tide goes out during certain hours. Everyone waits for that moment to take photos as the scenery is truly stunning. I also took some nice shots which I will share soon.


The reason I asked is...in my novel, there is a certain part of a beach with rocks like these where my characters pass some rather drastic moments. When I saw your photo, it was like, wow! That is where they were!

I'd like to see the pictures when you post them - can you give me a mention so that I come to look?

  ·  지난달

I am happy that my photo conveyed that sensation for that scene in your novel which I'd like to read via your blog which I am following.
If you follow my blog you will automatically see when I post a new photo which is normally one photo per day.