This Week on Steepshot: Summer kickoff

4년 전

Dive into summer with some great photography, beautiful beaches, and more!

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Hi there Steemians!

With summer just around the corner, everyone is craving the ocean. Whether or not we are able to make that happen IRL, we are all able to fantasize about it on social media. Several Steepshot users are making a splash with some terrific images that will make you want to dive right into not just the water, but their profiles as well. I am excited to share this weeks findings on Steepshot!

The Steepshot Community

Like I’ve said before, Steepshot has a very engaged community. Everyone is asking questions, making comments, and finding ways to interact. One thing that I have noticed more recently is the amount of effort people put into their profile biography.

Whether people giving their current location, interests, hobbies, personal information such as “mom” or “loving husband”, inspirational quote, etc., people usually have something to say. This is a wonderful thing and makes users seem more “real” in a sense. When someone gives you a little peek into their personality, other than in photos, it makes them seem much more authentic, and in turn has more users interacting.


There are so many trends already getting started on Steepshot, and I love getting to see it happen! Like I mentioned before, summer is around the corner, so I thought what better trend to talk about than mother nature’s beautiful ocean!

Taking a picture at the beach in absolutely timeless in the world of social media. This trend is one of my favorites, because not only is the ocean beautiful and make for a great photo, but it is a very versatile subject as well! You can take a picture of the ocean during the morning as the sun is rising. You can take a picture of the ocean during the day with people surfing or enjoying the sunshine. You can take a picture of the ocean during sunset, with the gorgeous colors reflecting off the water. And so on and so forth.

My point is, the ocean is a subject that people do not get sick of looking at. It is magical, mysterious, and vast. Plus, there are so many places for you to go and look at the ocean. Whether it is a tropical island, or on the coast of New York, the ocean is there and ready for her close up!

Photo Spotlight


This first photo is by @bunda.qie. I absolutely love this photo because although there is snow on the ground, so you know it is cold, the sky is blue and the sun is shining. I can feel the crisp air through the image and that is something hard to master!


@kofpato took this next stunning photo. I am a huge fan of focussing on certain objects in a picture, so this one really caught my eye. Not only is there a baby tiger, but the little girl who appears to be running towards it is absolutely adorable! Not to mention the beautiful sunset in the background. Overall this is an amazing image.


This next picture is really larger than life. User @multitask posted this striking photo of the Acropolis in Greece. This ancient ruin is so gorgeous and so hard to do justice to in a photo, but I think @multitask did an excellent job! The edit is great and not overbearing, which is exactly what works in a picture like this!


Next is this soothing golden hour photo by @addam. This colors in this picture are amazing. Golden hour is one of my favorites and always makes for a great photo. This is such a simple picture, yet it has amazing detail. The birds flying over the water, the sunset, and the depth added from the angle of the fence all make this photo truly incredible.


Last but not least is this tasty picture by @arunchaubey21. This has to be one of the best food pictures I have ever seen. Not only does the food, coffee, and juice all look too good to be true, there is a giant blue ocean in the background! This picture has me wanting to take a vacation ASAP!

Photographer of the Week

For this weeks “photographer of the week” I chose user @MultiTask! @MultiTask seems to be quite the world traveler, posting pictures from Greece, Italy, France, and more! But what grabbed my attention about @Multitask were the great beach pictures. It was exactly the summer vibes I needed!


Beach during the day.


Beach at night.


Beach at sunset. (with amazing first date idea I might add!)


And another beautiful, simple beach close up.

These mesmerizing photos really had me wanting, and needing, to find the nearest beach and take a dip!


Hopefully this summer will bring a lot of good content to Steepshot. I want to see some sunshine, water, and more sunshine! The beach, although it never went out of style, is about to make an appearance in a major way and I am here for it! What is your favorite beach to visit during the summer? Connect with me here in the comments section below, or on discord!

Have a beautiful day Steemians,

rachel steiker 100px.png @rachel.steiker, Content Strategist

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hey @hyperfundit.supp and @hyperfundit the author of this post seems to have left what appears like a broken link to her user name on steem perhapos due to a typo? I just want to make sure it gets corrected so we can actually check out her individual blog

but saldy the link or tag she left @rsteiker3 doesnt work :(

see it says account doesnt exist and from what it looks like, she seems to have been trying to spell the word "risk taker" but in a sort of phonetic spelling, so i tried my best to guess her real working steem user name, maybe @riskteiker3 ? hmm no that doenst work either .. im hoping this just isnt a result of a node hbeing down or maybe an update having to do with appbase or hivemind, but i just assume she had a simple typo? :)

Those are some beautiful shots. xo


I know! There are some talented photographers out there. Thanks for reading!


True enough! I love seeing such photos. I also love to take such photos from time to time.


yes amazing work @hyperfundit and i have @ackza to thank for showing me your work and how youve supported @yensesa the Ghanian exchange thats now succesfully letting Ghanians in Africa exchange Steem/SBD or crypoto for Ghanian cedis their local fiat currencym, right to their phone, and their paying bills with SBD essentially now.

So I know how far hyperfundit can take the world if we all start recognizing what we already have! So I am so glad to see you posting a sort of @steepshot digest

We do need to just showcase steepshot content and the app itself because steepshot is targeted towards Instagram users but it ALSO showcases the steem blockchaina nd what is possible when you build your own Steem based App front end , showing develpers that they can make their own niche steem front end for all sorts of topics and just use steem to run it and their own custom app to market towards a specific demographic!

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This post is really interesting and seductive in reading. you made me like the ocean more than anything else. It has vicious features that have no time limit unfortunately, i reside in a landlocked country with no exposure to ocean features. Thanks for your post.


Wow, thank you for the kind words! So happy you loved the post!

Message me on Discord immediately if @theshop account is yours. Guiltyparties [Vets/SSG Witness]#5071 I'm in every Discord pretty much. works too.

Interesting. Looks like Instagram minus the self obsessed selfies and Musicaly posts. I'm joining in.


You definitely should! It's a wonderful social media platform.

This is absolutely creativity ideas from you boss @hyperfundit high star..


Thank you, @emmanueltare! We appreciate the positive feedback!

Its Winter in Brazil!!!


Well I am sure Brazil is still beautiful in the winter!

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Your picture has been very beautiful, it is amazing. I do not remember the picture

good job very nice work!

Interesting post by hyperfundit. Great concept by steepshot.
People actually love taking photos of memorable events, lifestyle, etc.
Its really fun taking these shots and posting them on social media community for friends and people to share in your fun.
And it becomes more fascinating when you earn rewards for sharing it.


Thank you for reading and thank you for the nice comment!


You are welcome