Mount Ungaran: beautiful mountain tourism in Atlas Semarang soil

4년 전


Not only culinary, Semarang also has a natural panorama point, that is Mount Ungaran. You can see the sparkling city of Semarang and Lawang Sewu at night.
If you are a beginner climber, and want to find a mountain that is not too high to climb, then this one Ungaran tour is worth a try. For those of you who want to hunt sunrise without having to climb too long, try to come to Mount Ungaran. This mountain appears on the south-southwest side of the city and is included in the territory of Semarang Regency.

The height of 'only' 2050 mdpl only, but for those of you who are not used to climbing, would still ngos-ngosan. This nature tour is worth exploring because not only the top view you will get, but also the spectacular views of the city from different angles.

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