Crazy Orchids - Animal and Human Shaped

4년 전

Many orchids grow in beautiful and bizarre shapes. Here is a smattering... Enjoy.

The Ballerina Orchid

The Monkey Face Orchid

15.Dracula simia, the Monkey Face Orchid (10957423336)

The Swaddled Baby Orchid

Anguloa uniflora Orchi 002

The Dove Orchid

Peristeria elata Orchi 11

Naked Man Orchid

Orchis italica 042

The Flying Duck Orchid

Elvina Track Flying Duck Orchid

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Beautiful photos!

This is the!

Fantastic photo skills. ✔✔✔

this is called flowers, bloomsFlower because there is a many shapes like Ballerina dolls.
That's a very nice choice you will want to seeing nature to everyone..
very nice concept