Elgol - Isle of Skye

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Had an amazing time in Scotland last week with Gregg Cashmore, Tom Keddie, Carl Pavitt and the Wolfman! Weather conditions were perfect. Literally got thousands of images which is gonna take forever to get through so gonna start with one of our first locations, Elgol. Nearly ended my trip straight away as taking this shot I got fully hit by a wave which soaked my camera and nearly sweeped me off my feet, lucky I use Canon muahahaa, but man what an epic place. Anyone fancying Scotland Gregg runs workshops there so get in touch with him if u fancy a great trip. Cheers guys, roll on Autumn

Canon 5dsr Canon 16-35f4mkii @16mm, iso 100, f11, 30 seconds. Kase 10 stop nd and Kase polariser

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Minty mate, I'm not in the slightest bit jealous, honest!


haa, was awesome dude

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Super photo !!



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What a great shot! It looks like a mythological place or a land of fairy tales. A curiosity: how long was the exposure time?
Thanks for sharing @inksurgeon

vaya que imagen tan espectacular. Parece tomada de una película, para tiempos remotos. Con efectos especiales. Que clima ese!! foto genial!

What a spectacular image. It seems taken from a movie, for remote times. With special effects. What a weather that !! great photo!

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Fantastic! Very moody. Love it!

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Congratulations @inksurgeon!

This is totally impressive, it seems to me a beautiful photo, I hope you can mount photo more often and in this way you will go very far :)