We all lack physical touch in life:) Safe places for hugs are one solution!

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I have given hugs all around the world:)
I have even met people doing this that the hug I was giving them was the first hug they have gotten in three years:(
What I have found is many people in life want touch in a non sexual way, but don't nowhere to get it.
The cool thing about giving out hugs with a free hugs sign is you are not embarking on anyones personal space they are coming up to you.
With a free hug sign you are creating a safe place for hugs.
I have even took it a step further by having a hug menu on the back of my hug signs and included musicians playing as well.
I have a challenge for you all:
Go out and hug someone today:)

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Hi @inspirewithwords This is a lovely post.

As adults, some of us crave affection and others of us are “touch-me-nots.” However, the older we get, the more hugs we probably need. In fact, research shows that a warm embrace can be an effective pain reliever and healing agent all in one. Body chemistry is just that awesome.

Whether it’s a big old bear hug, a pat on the back, or a hand on your shoulder, physical touch leads to physical healing. So next time you’re feeling seriously stressed, don’t be afraid to ask someone for a hug, they really do have the power to make you feel better.

Have a nice night.
A hug


Hi Tim, I made it but have no earthly clue what I'm doing and lucky you, the only one I know here, at least I think so. I made it. Will tackle figuring it out later. I'm really good at upvoting your posts! Yay! Enjoy Sante Fe, sending you and Jen big, virtual hugs.Hope she took more of her amazing pictures.


I’m very glad you made it here!


Love your words💚


Hi @inspirewithwords And you write so beautiful. I think that the inside of your mind have a fine task for the heart.
I'm wishing you success and growth, and happiness.
A hug for you!!!


Thank you 💚


Hi @inspirewithwords At your orders, good man!
Have a happy night.
A hug for you

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i am not the hugs type of guy. but it is always good to see people trusting someone stranger to them and have that exchange of love :)

😂😂🔰dude you're not serious why don't you con the girl and have some funy for whole night (joke) 😂😁😂😁😂😁

Hugs are important. We’re a hugging family. I’m not bold enough to advertise hugging, but I love that you do. There can never be too much hugs or kindness in the world, so I hope you’ve had a beautiful and productive hug day! ❤️


Hugs are so important 💜

I will hug anything that moves! ha - my Dad used to hug me, then push me away. He's been ill of late, so he lingers for more of a hug now. Everyone needs hugs, even if they dont know it xx


yeah a hug can really sort you out, that human touch can be enough to really start to break down walls that some have had to build up around themselves. Keep up this great work x and I will definitely be giving someone a hug today xx


Hug it out!!!!

Yes! Loving the love and good vibes coming from all your posts :) Thanks for spreading your love and joy around. A long hug can definitely be one of the most healing things, and we could all use more.


Thank you💜

absoutely awesome I don't have the guts to do that but that is so cool that you do. It is so true that people are lacking hugs people are lacking hellos on the street. When I walk down the street I smile and say hello. Sometimes I don't get anything back but atleast I know I tried. Keep hugging you never know whos life you are going to change by giving that one hug.


These hugs have opened up so many doors💚