Travel in Morocco - Part 2 - Advendtures in the desert

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A life long dream of mine is to experience the Sahara desert. When I was young aunt dated a guy from Tunisia and once he brought us a Desert Rose stone. Ever since then have I dreamt of one day bringing home one myself. Now it was my time to explore the Sahara and I knew it before we went there and it had a big impact on me. The space and dunes and all that sand. I felt I was really far from home, and I was. Here are a few pictures from the Sahara <3

Two of our guides driving us through the desert.
On top of the highest dune of the Chigaga desert dunes (300 m high!)

I never have but these 3 weeks I forced myself to write a journal.
This was a school built for the Nomad children in the middle of the desert. Not active anymore.
Standing in the river that "flows" through the Nomad town, Mhamid - where the road ends and the desert starts.

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So cool! These for some reason give me Mad Max vibes. Must be the car in the desert :)


I had a little Mad Max vibe when we were driving through the desert ;)

Continue writing!

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