Green plants that are fused on a tree trunk


Hello friend, having a tree trunk in front of the house is certainly very pleasant. Besides being able to make the house so shady it also adds to the beauty of our front yard. But yesterday I saw the creativity of my friend.

My friend has a tree that is quite shady and right in front of his house. Which makes me interested in seeing the tree trunk in front of my friend's house, there are green plants displayed on the trunk of the tree. My friend used the tree in front of his house by putting the green plants.


From a distance, the leaves of the green plants are like blending with a tree trunk, but not so friend. My friend planted the green plants in a pot and displayed the green plants on a tree trunk. I really like seeing the creativity of my friend.

There are three types of green plants displayed on the tree, each green plant has its own uniqueness. I applaud this friend's creativity, managing plants become something creative. Here are some pictures of green plants that I photographed on my friend's home page. Hopefully you like it.



Image taken using a smartphone camera

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