Insect on Flower Macro Photography.. Enjoy


I was moving around today, I saw an opportunity to take nice photos!!

I love taking photos of nature, there is a way I like capturing insects or bees in particular when they are sipping nectar on flowers.
I just can't let that moment pass without me getting out my phone and taking shots.

Whenever I move with friends they complain that I waste a lot of time taking photos!!

So today I captured this amazing shots below.
Do you guys see that first photo above, I fucking love it, sorry for the curse word!!

That pic came out so clearly and you can't imagine that I used just a phone camera.

I am not bragging but my phone camera is great folks...It's not an iPhone btw hahaha.
I always try to snap from all angles and I also love moving the phone close to the object so that it can appear bigger(macro photography).

The final great shot was the first photo above and I cannot emphasize how I love it!!

Does anyone know of a way I can protect this photos before I post them here so that people can't claim them as theirs???

Is their a way I can also be paid for such great shots???

I cannot spend a day without taking nature pics and it gives me joy whenever I snap them.
Phone Type: Sharp Aquos Docomo SH-03G

So hope you enjoy these photos .

Jarau Moses

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