ColorChallange - Monday Red - Rose with Leaves - Raindrops - Nature

3년 전

Hi Steemeans!
Greetings of the day,

I am here for today's #colorchallange Monday- Red
Again i present you the nature's diamond Red rose
the symbol of love, King of Flowers THE RED ROSE..
The leaves are also beautiful, have a look,
These were after a good morning shower...




Do upvote n comment as it will encourage me
Until Next Time Steem on..:)

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osm click!-

Very nice photography baiji ..
Water drops d photo bht sohne click kite h ..
M v try kite c mere to enni vadya nii hoi


Thanq ji..
Bhaji the main thing is u tried...
it will come eventually
tuci v share karo apni clicks..


Hanji baiji .. m 2 din to busy chlda c ..
Hun free h .. hun regular blogs update krru ga

Nice clik.. awesome.. u think.. u should be photographer..


thanks, its just our hobby(me n my sister)...
i tend to enjoy nature n collect memories thats all.....

Bhai achha pic Tha .nice photography


Wow ! Red rose and drops of water on it wonderful.


yup i know they are the best..

Nice and natural photograph s...... keep it up

Nice pic with Rain on flowers

Good photography