Ms. Hopps - Poekilocerus pictus - The Painted Grasshopper- Nature -

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Hi Steemeans!
Greetings of the day,

This is my entry for Thursday: #macrophotography and #colourfulphotography
Also#photocircle in the photography contest and #colorchallenge green thursday

These are the clicks that I talked about in my last post

I called her Ms Hopps as this one is bigger in size and looks more shy in nature.
Its just my notion of saying otherwise I do not know the gender of these insects

So, I found her few days back wile leaving out from office at the plant near the main door, sitting there peacefully.
Enjoying the weather, as it was about to rain
When i took my phone near her she adjusted herself as if she was shy of camera and try to hide her face behind the leaves of the plant as if not wanting to reveal her beauty so easily.



Do upvote n comment as it will encourage me
Until Next Time Steem on..:)

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What in the world are you talking about?


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@cleverbot Its about my post


Ooh nice what photography?


Yes was that a jab st me?

What was the initial impression you got from me.


@banjo that you are a good bot


I am not a bot I am a human being.

Ok I want to know how many solar system is in Milky Way galaxy.

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Fantastic nature 😍


yes indeed

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Ssa baii ji ..

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Please aavda no. Send krdo

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Too big grasshopper