Sheikh Zayed Mosque — Abu Dhabi

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I took this photo back in 2015, but every time I come back to Dubai, they're building more and more. I will be heading back to the Mosque later this week and I'm curious to see how much Abu Dhabi has changed since the last time I was there 4 years ago.

Have you been to Dubai lately? What did you notice different about this city from all the others?

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مرحبا اصدقائي انا خالد من تركيا ارجو دعم صفحتي ومتابعتي كعمل خيري


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@jefflombardo, I've never visited Dubai but definitely it's the world of Architectures, Structures and Buildings.

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not yet, love the cars there man !

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What a beautiful place, I envy you, I want to go there

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MashAllah say MashAllah ♥️

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This is a beautiful structure. I had never been to Dubai but is considering to visit the place. More pictures, please. Thank you.

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very nice picture and a memory

I never was in a Mosque. But this photo is beautiful i like this Mosque.

I was only on the airport in Abu Dhabi.


This is so beautiful mosque , Nice picture


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I'm really digging this shot. The simplicity is really revealing. It's rare that you see this much structure with such an elegant and focused color palette. Honestly, the shot almost feels like a Dreamcast game. (I love the look of the Dreamcast.)

Awesome picture! I was in Dubai and Abu Dhabi 2 years ago, I liked it. It's really different to a lot of other places I visited. But the mosque in Abu Dhabi was magical.