Butterfly macro photography

2년 전

This afternoon after getting back into town, I was able to capture some macro photography shots of a couple separate butterflies. The first set of shots is of a Red Admiral butterfly and the second set of shots is of a Common Buckeye butterfly. All shots were taken with a Canon 80D camera.

Red Admirals are found in numerous continents, but are found mostly in places with a warm climate. They feed on Stinging Nettle plants.

Another interesting fact is that female Red Admiral butterflies will only mate with a male Red Admiral if the male is the dominant butterfly in a particular mating area. Otherwise, there is no chance for a weaker male butterfly to copulate.

Here are the shots of the Red Admiral:

butterfly 3-1.jpg

butterfly 1-4.jpg

butterfly 5.jpg

butterfly 4 two.jpg

butterfly 4.jpg

butterfly 2-1.jpg

The Common Buckeye butterfly is originally from Africa but can now be found in multiple countries, including all over the United States. These butterflies fly to southern regions when it begins to get cold in northern areas because the cold can kill them. Once the cold has subsided and spring begins, the Common Buckeye then flies back north.

Here are the shots of the Common Buckeye:

butterfly 8.jpg

butterfly 7.jpg

butterfly 6.jpg

What a beautiful afternoon to spend in outside in nature.


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There is nothing beautiful than nature

Wow..... excellent photography!!! This is fabulous. I like butterfly so much. I appreciate your photography. A real mind blowing environment has been exposed by your photography technique. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful job.

Wow, excellent capture. Great work sir.

Great photos. There's lots of Red Admirals in the UK, I'll have to take some more photos. I never get the background right, they look good in your photos, against dark green with the sun on them.

I just said ur newest post was the best close up shots I’ve seen in at least a while. I gotta change it to number 2, this is amazing my friend! The detail here is just beautiful👍

Common Buckeye Butterflies are very much to be found in my country, Indonesia. because the climate in my country's tropical climate, even many other types of butterflies are very beautiful. but I am amazed at the picture you took, very good, as if I saw many eyes on the butterflies

how many color are there ?

You can just feel the relaxation when looking to the butterflies nice photos

You can just feel the relaxation when looking to the butterflies nice photos

Beauty baterfly


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Yes, I just amazed with the results of your photos,


  ·  2년 전

LIndas mariposas! las almirantes rojas, también las hay en Cuba, sobre todo en los jardínes. También las llaman Vanesa atalanta. Bello Post.

Adorable pictures... Nature is so perfect and wonderful. The butterflies created so sublime!!

its so wonderful shot^^ nice postings..

These are amazing.The colors looks so stunning Always loved your photography Awesome take. Keep it up. Quite fascinating You deserve a thumbs up @jgullinese

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These beautiful creatures, so fragile for the cold and so strong to undertake such long flights of flight.

I love this shots. Excellent work @jgullinese!

wow, a very beautiful butterfly buddy, you shoot it very cool, I love it, go ahead, have a nice day

  ·  2년 전

Hi @ jgullinese, I really like the butterfly photo, and I am sharing your post. Nicepos

Catching great photography, I want to learn like that, thank you for sharing with us here @jgullinese

Muy buena calidad de fotos, definitivamente eres un amante de la naturaleza, por ello logras captar los mejores ángulos en tus fotos. felicitaciones.

excellent work! It really is a task to photograph butterflies, you have to have a lot of patience, reflexes, aim and great preparation beforehand!

Lindas tus fotografías,@jgullinese.

beautiful butterfly

It's a very nice butterfly image,You take pretty perfect picture, I really like this.

I still do not know how you get such great pics of insects. Keep up the good work.

Wonderful shots, the butterflies are beautiful adorn even more the nature

Gorgeous shots!

Amazing shot.

Nice photos :)

wonderful photography. Take this picture below myself.