Butterflies: nature's flamboyant flying insect

3년 전

Here are shots I was able to capture of a couple of butterflies this afternoon. The first set of shots are of one butterfly right as the afternoon storms dissipated.

All shots were taken using a Canon 80D camera with a 70 - 300mm lens.

butterfly 4-3.jpg

butterfly 2-5.jpg

butterfly 1-8.jpg

The last shot is of another butterfly just as the sun hid itself behind the clouds. In Florida, it can go from bright and sunny to cloudy and rainy in minutes. Luckily, the cloudiness made for a beautiful shot of this one.

new butterfly 1.jpg

One love,


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  ·  3년 전

The contrast between the butterfly in the first couple of pictures with the plant that it was sitting on is awesome. I like the white/orange against the red/purple.