BW Found Inspirations - Favor Of A View #387

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Beautiful view isn't it. Each person is seeing something just a little bit different even thought the view is the same. Tomorrow it will be different even if you can't see it, truly it's not the exact same as the day before. It takes uncountable things to make this view not just from the world but from your self looking at the world. Nothing is the same ever as each moment passes. This means it's not repetitive but ever changing and the beauty that we enjoyed so much in the past we come back to enjoy it in a similar slightly different way with the hopes it will surprise us in a way we never thought we could feel. It's emotions that drive beauty in our minds so the closer we are to our emotions the more we can tap into that feeling of beauty and enjoy it in ways no one else can. Many people think emotions is for girls and that men don't feel them or shouldn't show it however real men are more in touch with that side and learn to control it, enjoy the beauty and cry when negative things get overwhelming.

Crying not in the sense as weakness but as an outlet to clear your mind and allow a moment for your mind to reset and comprehend the issues at that are causing it. With a clear thought you can deal with your problems a lot easier. Woman and children are allowed to do this with out fear of being ridiculed and shamed while men have to keep all that in and never deal with things at all. It's no surprise why men die off early and woman live much longer lives. It's poison energy. Have you ever stubbed your toe on the corner of the bed post....everyone cries... even if its in curse words making 50 shades of pain faces hopping around on one foot trying to figure out how to make the pain stop. We do all of this to release that pain because if we don't it will hurt much longer and cause more damage even if mentally. It's the same thing with emotional distress and comprehension of dealing with issues that are overwhelming.

Now if you cry because someone said something bad to you and your a guy...well you're just a pussy.

The point is don't cry because you're a pussy, cry because you're a man/woman dealing with impossible shit.


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