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I remember this from last time, of course the market for crypto was a lot smaller but still it's the same kind of atmosphere as before. It's seems as if everyone had given up and walked away from the crypto scene but a handful of people i knew doing it and back then I was new to the whole crypto thing so I had more to worry about, just trying to learn what I can and listening to my friends rant on how bitcoin would change the world! It was really a different kind of mentality back can I explain this... It wasn't so much about the money as it was about the freedom of control over your own money and power to say "No I earn this it is 100% mine and NO one person or group can take it from me" Money is an excellent motivator but this was something much more different and in many ways more powerful.

So the people in crypto today don't understand what it was like back then, heck I barley understood but I was fortunate to have friends who help explain a few things about it. To be honest back then it wasn't about investing but more of trading, you see it didn't really have a BTC to USD value until later when exchanges came out and you had the ability to move to different alts and cash out to USD. You could join the forums and trade it that way but for me I didn't really know a lot about trading or how to, I did have friends who was willing to trade me game items for BTC and offer to give me some very expensive items if I mined it while I was sleeping using my computers. I had a few gaming systems setup mining back then and to really lure me in they gave me btc as a gift.

We where sort of a gaming community and we did thing like send money, buy armor and weapons to get the new person started, invite them to parties get them built up and have a blast doing it. It was really a lot of fun and I always look for opportunities to keep that mentality going. So when I was asked to join them in mining BTC and after they tried to explain what it was i said what i think everyone said at first....sounds like a scam but i decided what did i have to lose I wasn't going to buy it with real money and i wanted to help them back so I figured okay sure why not, Plus my friend offer to give me top level items in game in trade for the BTC... Yes I suppose that was the real turning factor in my choice to mine btc but it was a mix of things. A lot more was going on back then but to touch on some highlights that was how I got into crypto, no it wasn't because I was so smart I saw it coming, or i thought it had real potential it was not until after talking to my friends and other people plus research did I really understand the full meaning of what Satoshi was trying to accomplish or at least my perspective of it. The community now is nothing like it was before, The people are more ruthless and most of them just don't get it while others do but have there own agenda that might not be so copacetic and cohesive to the original idea of cryptocurrency as I think Satoshi had in mind.

Sometimes I hear comments that are the opposite of what I think Satoshi's vision was and to me that's a red flag for they are just trying to make a fast buck or they have a vision of there own and disagree with Satoshi's vision and that is okay it doesn't bother, it's the ones who try and make it sound like it's criminal or that Satoshi had bad intentions for the good when the only people who would be offended would be the governments that wan't to control the currency and of course the sheeple that don't know any better.. yes we see them all over the place don't we lol

Well we need them also, they will be the ones wishing they bought at the dip and when the dip comes they complain because the value is down so much then get depressed sell all the crypto at a loss and go broke. You can't have it both ways, you have to prepare of the dip if you're fulling invested like some of my friends. To be honest I'm starting to get a little worried about them because I know some who see this dip as losing multi millions and more from this wonderful opportunity deep dip. You guys can't really see it can you? I see it i wish i had the amount of money they have to invest into it right now but I do see it. Noting stays the same forever, never, it's always changing and you're time will come if your patient and don't let fear move your hands.

With all that being said, other things can go wrong...I can tell you from experience not to leave your crypto on ANY exchange because greed is still the main factor in this world and places like MTGox will take that risk and blame walk away leaving you high and dry but that's a story for another time. You don't think i didn't get depressed when I realized what I have lost? You have to reprogram your self to not be depressed. You see this sort of thing will make or brake you, you get to choose what one right now, ignore the emotions and depression that comes with that loss or pick to reprogram your mind into making that happen again because once you make your btc back and doing better you wont look back at it with such dread as you did before, you will have regrets but its not going to make you want to jump out of a window sort of thing. Hope is that you can put your self on top and look back at it as a learning experience. Use that logical hope to program your self in a positive manner, to act in a positive way so that the people around you want to be around you and want to help you succeed because its 1000x times harder to do it alone vs with a good group of people, heck even ones who know nothing about crypto gives you an advantage when working as a group. Find your place even if its in a strange place it's still a place to start from. work your self up learn what you can by keeping your mouth shut and listen to others most of the time. When you have something that can contribute offer that up in conversation, if you have questions ask them in a strategic manner meaning "don't interrupt other peoples conversations and wait for the right moment to ask the right person or at least when things are calm and you're in general conversations. I try hard not so speak when in voice chat but I'm more relax in text chat unless it's moving fast. Anyways I hope this helps you out in some way, make a lot of crypto and enjoy my photo as I worked hard on it!


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