Found Inspirations - As Time Passes #388

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That strait time line that only goes one way from back to present and forward, this is called the 3rd perspective 3 points of time in space. This is also how our senses work like our eyes, ears and nose. What if i was to tell you that this world we are all in is not 3 dimensions but 4?

Developing a tool set like you have for the 3rd dimensional aspect eyes, ears, and nose would look much different as it would evolve your mind and not really so much of your body. This would mean reprogramming of how you see the world around you, how you interact with everything and how you comprehend that information.

lets start by explaining what is time and space and how do we react to it in a 3rd dimensional way vs a 4th.So lets take a step back to get a good comprehension of the 3rd dimension and what strives it made from the 2nd.Lets say that you could only interact with the world around you in a 2 dimensional forwards and backwards to left and right way and you build a house. Your house to me looks like a drawling on the ground but to you everything is 2nd and lacks that extra information I have as I'm seeing it as 3D. You get done with your brand new home and you say to me come on in and kick back. So i say to you, well okay but i don't know how to open the door so I'll just walk over the line. You look at me like I'm crazy because in your world you don't have an up and down only side to side and front to back. So I walk over the line and I'm inside your house, you freak out and say "WOW that's impossible" how did you do that? I answer back with, "well you see in 2 dimensions thus restricting you of the ability to take advantage of the 3rd dimension because of how you act and react with the world around you while I can do things in the 3rd dimension and look almost like a God to someone who doesn't understand that the 3rd dimension exist much less have the ability to connect in that way with out the tools to do so.

It's exactly like that from the 3rd dimension to the 4th+. To develop/evolve you need to work on the tool set that allows you to connect with the space around you in a 4th dimensional level and that would be mostly your mind tools some of your physical body but mostly the mind first.

Stay tuned for part 2

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