Found Inspirations - Bay For The Day #390

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Part 3
It can never be done exactly the same way twice, It can be done that it seems to be the exact same but it will always be different in some way. Say I went back and save my loved one from a car crash and stop that person from getting into the car so later on that day that person touches an outlet in the home and gets electrocuted and dies. So now you have to go back a 3rd time and change that path for your self.

That person still experiences death by electrocution however you now have to take another path before that happens so you're still with your loved one. If everything is a state of energy but on different levels and energy loves to do nothing more then act and react with energy then the kind of action and reaction you do with that space dictates your path then you can manipulate that action and reaction to change the outcome of said events.

How do you evolve your 4d tool set? You try, when you think about it and think about how it would develop in your mind that is a direct connection to your body and how your mind/body reacts. It wont happen for everyone because everyone is different but you just try a different way and keep trying. If everyone was to do that they would see a significant change in the way the world around them looks and the abilities they would have. What could you do if you knew the outcome clear enough to be confident in not going down a path because it held bad events that defeated you or your children's lives, you would change that path as soon as you could right?

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