Found Inspirations - Passing Of A Ship #389

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part 2
So what is time and why is it not what we think it is? Time from our 3rd perspective is the lack of understanding the space around us and how we interact with it. We see a line in our mind as the future and past but really it's just the constant uncountable actions and reactions we do everyday. To us we think our fate is written and no other way could be but, what if I told you that you could control your future.

Change your perspective about what time is and to do so you have to understand that the time line is not strait it's more of a path that's always bending twisting and turning in every direction. You see that time line for you hasn't been written as you have a choice of what way you want to go at each intersection.

Time is the action and reactions of your interaction with the space around you each tic toc of the clock will be replace with action reaction of the space around you. So now you understand that time is not time but space and your action and reaction with that space you can see now how even on a 3rd dimensional aspect you can change your path.

Space is everything probable and possible but we can't see this with our 3d tool set we need to evolve with tools that can interact with our 4th dimensional tool set once you have developed them. You can't destroy a path you can't change a path, you cant change the car crash that happen to your loved one but you can go back and change your connection the 2nd time and go down the path that your loved one didn't get into that car that day however you still recall memories of the previous time line because to you, its just your past and you came back before that date went down another path where your loved one lived. When we do this some call it Déjà vu and almost that experience is done from other factors and not in the control of you from your 3rd perspective mind set.

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