Lake Day - Calmer Waters #382

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Sometimes it's in the silence we can hear true thoughts. Sometimes in life things happen that we don't understand but while most of us are to busy with our daily lives should they ever stop and relax they would start to feel uncomfortable because now they have to really pay attention to the world around them. I'm not just talking about corrupt governments or corporations just being corrupted, I know most people already knows this. I'm talking about the dark side of humanity and to know what I'm talking about you only need to look at our history and the experiments done to people with out any remorse.

Most people think of them self as good and some are but others go into what I call NPC mode and just do what everyone else does, whats easy and less stressful even if it cost them dearly. How many times in our history have we seen countries give up personal freedoms, rights and privacy for security and easier life style only to find out that freedom, rights, and privacy was the only thing keeping them safe. With technology becoming as advance as it is, it wont be long until someone figures out how to manipulate it to do great harm to others, Id be willing to bet it's already being done in some form. I'm just saying should you hear of stories talking about being targeted don't just push it to the side and say that's just crazy talk. Deep down inside you know people exist that would use anything they can to do harm to innocent people and I have a funny feeling we are going to be getting stories about being attacked by advance technology soon.

It scares most people and it should but it's what they do after that makes the difference. Pushing laws that punish people from using technology that are unknown is a good start because now it gives a floor to report such attacks for something we never had to deal with on this level.. You can imagine the kinds of bad actors that would take advantage of such tools, and make no mistake they will and already have. The power is with in the people as it's always been with the people, so when you have the people standing together against any kind of abuse to do with technology you can start developing tools to detect such abuse. What would you do? I guess time will only tell.


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Serious thinking. What is NPC mood?
By the way, @jonbit, thanks for your gift. I am so seldom in my wallet, that I haven't noticed your transfer. Meanwhile inspired by your contest, I have done one as well. Only two persons took part in it, and in the end I shared the promised amount of steem. It was not easy to decide which contribution is the best.


NPC Mode is when you go about doing whats expected of you, whats been programmed into you from childhood to adult. It's the path of least resistance as you're doing whatever one else wants you to do and be who they want you to be vs having the time to figure out who you are and where you want to go with out expectations from others no matter who they are. It's not a constant as we do things against the grain from time to time however it's the majority of time and important parts of you life.


Thanks @jonbit. Perhaps there is not a clear cut between both attitudes to life. Sometimes we trying to fit in and other times we unconsciously or willingly follow our own way.
NPC ? No Personal Concept?

Congratulations @jonbit!
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