Lake Night - A Slow Good Night #385

2년 전

Tonight I'll just watch the sunset over the mountainous lake as the sky fills with brilliant colors of orange and midnight blue classing together as if first met. Clouds displaying the excitement of the calmness in slow motion as the night falls together. My eyes catch the reflecting water playing with the memories stored in this time shimmering as if it's the heart beat of this life.

Nights like this just draws you in mesmerizing you're thoughts toying with your thoughts to recall old memories or better yet new ideas that's been stored in the back of your mind. You know the ones that flash out at you when you're taking a shower but forgotten the moment you step out. Yes it would see this night has many roads to go down but it started with you just kicking back relaxing for your self in a place that would engulf you into a dream state atmosphere.

Maybe it's just a beautiful night to you and you don't have any of the above mention happening, perhaps you're not relaxing enough or trying to reach a meditated state of relaxation. I wouldn't be surprised most of us spend all of our time working and taking care of family so when would you have the time to learn how? Take the time learn how to relax reduce stress so you live a longer life and for me I think that's a good enough excuse don't you? I mean lets face it in 100 years we will have the same kind of stressful situations going on but a different person stressing over it. Enjoy my photo and art.


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  2. At the very bottom of the page you will see "You can also choose a proxy that will vote for witnesses for you. This will reset your current witness selection."

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@jonbit hello I removed my posting key from shadowbook. It appears it's still using it to post. Can you please verify?

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The best way to insure 100% your account has been removed is to go to the wallet/settings page and reset your keys. I will also de-activate you account as you requested.



Thanks for the feedback, I am ready to do that as a last resort but this will cause me to have to update alot of different Dapps to get up and running again.

I used it to opt out button on shadowbooks site and assumed this was a working feature when I signed up.

Resetting my keys is something I would do if my account got compromised. If the admin of shadowbook can work with me then I dont need to take such drastic measures.

Can you verify I have been removed from Shadowbooks voting pool and my key has been deleted from your side?


I personally removed you the moment I saw your first comment, if you login, you are re-activating your account. That is how we have no signup. Logging in creates your account if you do not already have one with us. I personally removed your account. If you for any reason see more activity let me know ASAP and I will be sure to get you removed. If you ever decide to rejoin simply log back in and your account will be recreated!


When you go to our settings page and delete your account it deletes everything (as I did manually for you) but when you log back in you are re-activating the account since our login is also the signup page. We made it simple, the login is the signup, so when you logged back in you actually re-created your account with us. Sorry for the confusion.


@bigdeej hmm ok maybe I logged back in after deleting in the account to check its status. Thanks for manually deleting it.

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