A window to the boast of matter

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That incorrigible and taciturn Romanian philosopher, Emil Cioran - who died in 1995, in that cemetery of broken dreams, which is always Bohemian Paris - thought that life is a boast of matter.


And although he also went so far as to affirm, on another occasion, that a saxophone like Plato caused the same pleasure, I want to think that he had a certain affinity with the latter and far from his ironic rudeness, he founded part of his vital ideas, in the famous Myth of the Cave .


A myth, which was basically summed up in the rise of that divine spark, which is the Idea - buried in that metaphorical cave, which is consciousness - to the gross world of Form.


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Such beautiful composition, the idea of cave and the world beyond reminds me a fairy tale, like Alice in Wonderland who appears in such place.Beautifully done!


Thank-you very much, friend. Believe it or not, a long time ago, also speaking of a place similar to this, I compared it with the story of Alice in Wonderland. They are comparisons and metaphors that lend themselves to it. A warm greeting

Curioso enfoque visual el que has escogido para tu post de hoy, una perspectiva inusual pero muy acorde a las alusiones a Cioran y a Platón, abrazos afectuosos amigo juancar.


Muchas gracias, mi estimado amigo. No es la primera vez que utilizo ese símil y el lugar está relativamente cerca de mi casa. Un fuerte abrazo