Notebooks of Art and Photography. Selection # 1

26일 전


In a secluded place, its four sides being beaten by the harsh winds of the mountains, an old Romanesque church watches life go by with the sweet indifference that indifference and loneliness always grant.


Far from the tourist routes par excellence, it is, however, another of those innumerable pearls that make up a historical, artistic and cultural legacy, which is the best of the heritages of a country, Spain, which, unfortunately, has not always known it. cherish and preserve.


But despite this and despite the centuries and oblivions, her message continues to be clear, since as Saint Bernard defined God, her divine essence is also appreciated, whose attributes are none other than: beauty, harmony , measure, balance and proportion.


NOTICE: Both the text and the accompanying photographs are my exclusive intellectual property and therefore are subject to my Copyright.


tarot tximeleta steee.png

ojo y planeta3.jpg

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Me encanta el letrero de el recipiente , pienso que si estamos enojados por alguna razón , los demás no tienen porque sufrir las consecuencias , pero manito este mundo está lleno de toda clase de asuntos , tolerancia es la clave , pero no siempre está presente.


Exactamente, nadie tiene por qué pagar nuestros enojos. Pero hay cosas peores que el enojo y gente sin escrúpulo que hace o intenta hacer daño gratuitamente. Esos son siempre los peores: los mercenarios de causas perdidas.