Buena vista-Good view

4년 전

Otro lugar muy bueno para despejar la mente esto esta ubicado en maracay estado aragua venezuela es el parque henri pittier ya es una costumbre para mi subir el cerro al menos 3 veces por semanas y mas cuando es acompañado de buenas personas ----Another very good place to clear your mind this is located in maracay state aragua venezuela is the park henri pittier and it is a custom for me to climb the hill at least 3 times per week and more when accompanied by good peoplejj steemi 3.jpg

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A BIG warm welcome to Steemit! I am sure you are going to absolutely enjoy the Steemit platform.👍 Please let me know if I can be of future help with Steemit. I truly hope Steemit exceeds all your expectations!👍

Welcome to steemit, looking forward to seeing you around @chessmasterhex.