Not A Bad View From The Conference I Am At

3년 전

The University of Wisconsin Madison is prettier then I expected!


Not a bad place to churn out a steemit post ;)

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Hey, I did not know you were going to be in Madison!! Enjoy the nice weather and give me a shout if you fancy a beer!!


Well since sitting with you looks like we got that beer.

That's for sure a great view! Seems like a great place to chill out with a coffee or beer, and browse and write some Steem posts ;)


It definitely was/is!

This looks really beautiful
I can even feel the clear breeze :)

I agree, not bad place at all.
I would love to just sit there and enjoy the view.


I spent a good couple of hours sitting there enjoying it... with a beer of course.


Sounds like an awesome plan. Glad you enjoyed it.

Madison is a really cool town! There are a surprising number of fun gems like it in the Midwest- Lawrence, KS is another.


Yep, I am quite enjoying my time here. It has blown away my expectations.


I've heard there are some awesome bookstores there, if you've got time to explore a bit.

The lakes are awesome. What did you expect? Check out Wisconsin Dells. You might be surprised.

It's nice for the few months of the year that it isn't covered in ice. Then you realize why you can buy a lakefront mansion there on the cheap. :) All in all, a great college town, though.

Hey... J.T.M

The picture says it all✌️

Beautiful day! Nice shot @justtryme90 :D


Yeah, it's wonderful out!

Go beauty! Is that a university? It looks more like a resort. Well, with that view anyone is inspired even to write a poem!


It's the memorial union terrace at U Madison. :)


Beautiful place! enjoy it...

What is the conference topic?


Iron Sulfur cluster biogenesis.

A nice place to take a good picture showing beautiful view.


There was a nice cool breeze from the lake, and warm air in general. Overall it was very pleasant there!

  ·  3년 전

The view is stunning Jtm!!!
Looks so peaceful and calming !!!!


Thanks Zest, it was a nice place to write. :)

nice and great photo my friend how can i contact you have you discord ??i have one offer for you

The calm environment would be very helpful for thinking.
The view looks awesome too


It was great!

I was there once! It is a nice place (when the weather helps). I think that @aboutcoolscience is there btw :)


Hmm, I'll message him and see if he is around.


Yes I'm in Madison too! :)