Photo Collection of the adorable Green Cheek Conure

2년 전


also know as (Pyrrhura molinae) ........

These little guys are popular because they are known as the quiet conure.


They have a fun conure personality in a small quiet package. In fact they are even quieter than cockatiels and parakeets.



Sometimes the baby's will play on their backs in the brooder. They are so cute to watch.




My favorite part though, is thier loving personalities.


Thank you for your support and letting me share this collection with you.

Photos by Tina Stiles

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They are very cute, how long do they live?


Thanks, they live usually 14 to 18 years

Lovely creatures! Upvoted!


Thanks and good wishes


Check mine too sis! 😊



awesome pic...🐓🐓🐓


Thank you...


Thanks and good wishes


Thank you....

Aww wow, they are beautiful


Thanks and good wishes


Thanks, for your support.


Thanks and kind wishes


Thanks for your support

Arent they cheeky and cute. The baby ones especially so.


Thanks and kind wishes

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I would LOVE to get a conure one day, but my biggest concern is their really high pitch screech. I had two cockatiels in the past, and their morning screams were an annoyance :(


Oh you would love the Green Cheek. They are super quiet.

Much loving... Sweat bird to have at home. . beautifully photographed

Conures are the cutest! I always wanted one as a kid.


They are so much fun

Awwww, they are indeed such adorable cuties :)



I want one...or two!