What do you do in your spare time?

2개월 전



What we do in our spare time matters...
I am usually asked "are you watching this reality show?" "Are you watching this series?"

I used to feel ashamed of replying .. no


TV, I rarely watch
But I am not ashamed any more
I prefer to go out, explore
I prefer to learn something new
I prefer to draw or simply to think

I prefer to find ways of how to unlock
Those closed doors


And unlock my mind
into brand new worlds


What about you?

Shot on iPhone
Crete - Greece

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Blog here on Steemit, Blurt, Noise.Cash,Nerday, Leo ... paint, draw, kayak, camping with my family .... and go on Adventures with my Golden Retriever Lola


Super :) I bet that people would not watch tv at all if they knew about all these great mediums :))


Welll I tried to explain this to my family ... even set them up with Free Hive, Steemit and Blurt accounts .... it’s all too complicated for them. They all went back to Instagram and Facebook.