Lightroom Series 2.0

28일 전

When I first started on Steemit I did a serious called “Lightroom”. Pretty basic I know... but the basic title fit my basic white girl personality.

The series was centered around my Instagram (@kaylee.sheffield) which as I'm sure you could guess has a theme. Below is a screenshot of my Instagram grid.


Pretty basic right? I love it and I find a lot of joy out of editing my photos to match the theme. My theme has definitely changed throughout the years but I wanted to bring back this series. To better explain what I’m trying to show, here’s how past Kaylee explained it;

Awhile ago I found an interest in learning how to use Adobe Lightroom so I thought I’d show you some of what I have done. (In this case my boyfriend killed it with this edit) I found I like my photos much brighter and with more shades of teal than the original photo may have. Here is one of my before and after attempts;



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