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what an amazing lake! great photo

Oh wow... Great one! :) I am looking forward to the other ones, you now promised to share! ^.^


Lol! I’ll definitely be sharing more photos. Hopefully I can get my hands on the camera I want! It will definitely help my photo game.


Yeah Yeah Yeah ! :)

Very nice picture. I've only had the privilege of visiting Crater Lake once, but I hope to go back some day.

What exactly is Steepshot? Is it just an easy way to upload images to Steem from your phone?


It's a Steemit app which is attempting to operate as an alternative to Instagram. I'm testing out a bit. You can upload from your phone, but I believe only Android phones have a proper app. If you have an iPhone you have to use the web version. It's a very novel idea and I hope it catches on. At the moment, it would appear photography is a tough niche to tap into on Steemit, so I'm hoping an app like this may change that. Not to mention, I'm not trying to inundate my followers with pictures, lol. Did you notice how many tags I was allowed to use? I found that very odd.

Looks good from where I'm sittin'! ... How the hell did you get all them tags on this post?


It’s an app called Steepshot. I’m just as confused as you are, lol. It allows you to do it though. I’m just wondering if it still counts them since we’re technically allowed 5 tags. When I go to the edit the post, Steemit asks that I only have 5 before proceeding. Odd indeed.

Love this place. Was finally able to get a shot I'm really happy with from a visit in December. Panorama was the way to go.