#Photography traces paradise indonesia king ampat.

3년 전

Hello everyone is a photography lover
On this occasion is the connection of previous articles about the photography atmosphere in the village but now want to try to get around Indonesia, starting from the first place I visited was KING AMPAT starting from Wayang Island
Wayag Island is one of the islands in Raja Ampat district in West Papua Province. The island is known for its beautiful atolls and amazing underwater life with a total area of ​​155,000 hectares.

Here, you find a beautiful beach with unique karst islands that look like mushrooms that grow in the sea. Along this coast, tourists can see the fairy tale panorama, more charming than Leonardo DiCaprio's week at "The Beach". The clear water around Wayag Island looks like a real window for the different types of flora and fauna that live in the water.
Wayag Island never stops its beauty. Divers, in particular, have been overwhelmed not only by the rich underwater scenery, but also by the panoramic beauty of the island as they climb to the highest platform and observe the surrounding bays and atolls. It is a dream come true, a real dream come true.

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