There are Three Things That Can Lower Your Depression, the possibility here is the place

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While the head feels boring, greenness is one of the answers to reduce depression.
If life is always filled with statistics with the sparkle of numbers, of course we are often haunted by the boredom of our activities or routines. So, when we have to breathe fresh air that has not been filled with pollution factory2 around us.

Spend time in Wayag Island, Raja Ampat - Indonesia with a calm and peaceful atmosphere as if felt in a small island paradise lined in front of the eyes felt takigin home. Greenness soothes the soul, so they say.

Wayag Island is a tourist destination in the region of Papua. Although a new tourist spot but this place has begun to be recognized by the whole world because of its enchanting natural beauty.

A place that is a paradise for divers around the world. This best diving and snorkeling spot is called Wayag Island. Wayag Island lies to the west of the Raja Ampat Islands. The position of Wayag Island is located in West Waigeo District, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua. To reach the diving paradise of Wayag Island, we have to travel far enough. Because, geographically located at the end of Papua and the most remote location to reach than some other beautiful islands in Raja Ampat. But it does not become a big problem for people who love adventure.

Wayag Island in Raja Ampat is known for its stunning sea colors. The sea is surrounded by naturally stretched islands, which make the islands look like small greenish mountains. You can climb these Islands so you can feel the beautiful scenery of this Wayag Island.

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very wonderful, so much natural beauty and ecology... protect and enjoy (-: