First photos w/ New Zealand pinup, MJ!

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Hi, Steemit! I’m settling in after a day of responsibilities and the enormous pressures that come with them. A friend of mine, back in August, told me to start manifesting the things I want for my future. Like @tarotbyfergus, she’s a believer in astrology and the metaphysical world, and I heeded her advice as most of you know I’ve been looking to get off of the photography hamster wheel for a while. I won’t go in to the specifics of my day, but I’m continuing to manifest. I had some quality time with @guthrie, @lovejoy and @vermillionfox.

It’s late, but I just wrapped up some editing from Christchurch, New Zealand. My trip in July. More or less, these are some of my most recent photos. I’m trying to stick to a formula of editing two clients that’ve been waiting the longest, but then alternating with recent clients. One of the things I love about editing […I know a lot of photographers hate to edit], is that I get to revisit those moments of excitement during the shoot itself. I had a lot of those moments in New Zealand, and I recall a few with tonight’s Kiwi pinup, MJ.

We shot in Christchurch with my longtime friend and international pinup model/blogger, Miss Victory Violet. She got MJ ready with hair and make-up. The space is called OGB, or “Old Government Building”. A small bar room area was where we shot. MJ arrived and once she was ready, she dressed in two gowns and looked stunning. In fact, coming back to these images, they’re even better than I thought they’d be. MJ has piercing blue eyes and I feel like I was able to really capture them in these photos.

I have more of MJ to come. This is only the first set and I can’t wait to get to rest. Tomorrow, @vermillionfox is off work and after a massive stress dump of paying bills just before their deadline, I’m going to try my best to relax. I have some comic book work I’m excited to do and I love the idea of laying in bed, sketching and inking. I feel like I deserve it after this week. Thanks for reading and supporting me here on Steemit. For more photography and art, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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Ouchh... well its quite an issue to work with this "size" model definitely. You did good job here!

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Hi Lars. I am glad reading your writing. Your model's picture this time looks beautiful. But in my opinion she is rather fat. I hope that your work can be completed in time. Good night, sir

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Good posts

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