I fucked up!

2개월 전

Hi, Steemians! I’m back after a week hiatus; a stressful one at that. As the title of this post insinuates, I did, indeed, fuck up. One of the last blogs I published, I mentioned my excitement for updating my Mac to MacOS Catalina public beta. I wanted to test SideCar, the ability to edit in Photoshop using my iPad Pro. The good news is, after the install and some light Terminal code […I’m running a 2012 15” MacBook Pro and it only supports 2016 Macs, officially], I did get it working. It sucked. Choppy, awful video quality. That would soon be the least of my worries, though, as I realized I lost all support for my Wacom Intuos tablet!

What came next? Days of scouring sub-Reddit threads by artists and photo professionals. Early adopters, to our peril, that decided to run beta software on a production machine. I eventually found a buried press release by Wacom that stated, “Wacom does not support beta software. We acknowledge that MacOS 10.15 does not work with Wacom Desktop Utility or our companies drivers. We will not support new drivers until the final release of MacOS Catalina in the fall]. It was then Lars knew he’d fucked up. For a week, I’ve been backing up, wiping, reinstalling and reseting my entire photography workflow.

The good news is, I am back. Thanks to @ghostfish for allowing me to create a bootable MacOS ISO from his laptop. I was also able to create a Windows 10 partition, which now allows me to run Magic: The Gathering Arena. Could be good. Could be bad. Time will tell […how much of it is spent gaming]. I have a few photos to share and these are the first ones, post-fuck-up beta disaster. It’s sad this happened because I was on such a roll since the beginning of June. I’m battling through the disruption hoping to establish my routine again before leaving for New Zealand in just three weeks.

The models name is Sarah and this our first time shooting together. She made the long drive up from San Diego, and in weekday traffic, immediately after she got out of work, I think it took her five hours. Once she arrived at the mansion, I gave her a quick tour. Her make-up was done and she was shoot ready. I was exhausted. I’d completed four shoots earlier in the day, but the moment I made the first photos of Sarah, the art adrenaline kicked in and everything seemed like a possibility. I used a few of my favorite lamp arrangements in the study and Sarah looked strong, confident and sexy.

These are just the first images from my shoot with Sarah. I’m hopeful that tomorrow will be the beginning of a routine, at least for the next couple of weeks before traveling. I have a few clients that I’d like to finish before this trip. I’m going to make a more “official” post about a major milestone in my life. I just hit a (72) here on Steemit. It seemed to take forever, but I’m just enjoying the ride. I’m grateful for all of you that’ve been supporting my work and my blogging here on our blockchain. Almost three years now. For more photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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I thought I should let you know, I was sent here by @eveuncovered.
Your blogs and photos are fantastic! I think I'm getting hooked.

Fantastic images. Sucks about the Wacom and driver support. Sucks a lot!

Hope the trip to NZ goes smoothly.

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Windows 10 partition, which now allows me to run Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Can’t believe you need other games aside of those fantastic photo sessions, @kommienezuspadt ;)


HAHA! @lighteye, MTG is the only real recreation I have in my life. I'm a boy scout, otherwise. I don't drink, smoke, gamble [...aside from crypto, maybe], or party. It's the thing that keeps me sane. Yes, though. Believe it or not, I even do need a break from the beautiful ladies in lingerie.

Hello @kommienezuspadt, how are you doing? Long time I didn't see your post. It turns out that you are busy and rather chaotic. But I am grateful that you are now out of all the chaos. Problems in life always come and go. the important thing is we must be patient and always pray to God. Your model is very beautiful and sexy, sir. Your photos are also very beautiful. Enjoy your day, my friend.


Thanks, @elianaelisma! I missed Steemit, but I couldn't post new work until I fixed all the laptop related problems. I had to prioritize what was most important first. Now that I can start editing again, I can start posting again regularly. Thanks for the comment. Hope you have a good day as well.

That sounds like a nightmare dealing with the beta and lack of support. Fixing our own fuck ups, now that’s one of the best times to learn and grow as a human being. I’m glad you’ve got something working, but I know you’re excited to get your normal workstation back.

New Zealand, that sounds grand.

Sarah is a total babe btw, you did an excellent job of setting a proper mood and showing off her features.
I wanna see that mansion now!

& congrats on 72. You’ve most certainly earned it after 3 long years.

Cheers my friend. My girl said Minneapolis was fantastic!


Thanks @daltono! Yes. I've always been an early adopter and unapologetic technology enthusiasts. The original iPhone just celebrated it's 12 year anniversary and I remember standing in line at an AT&T store in Scranton, PA waiting to get mine. I had it on day one. Really, the cardinal rule not to break is never install beta software on a production machine, and that's what I did. My only production machine, lol.

Yes, I'm looking forward to New Zealand but also really nervous. It's a new country for me and I'll be working a lot. I'm just trying to stay positive.

Thanks for the congratulations. Have a great night.


I had the original iPhone also. Didn’t get it day one, but I did on the first restock. I was only in the 9th grade then. That thing didn’t do much, but I remember being the first dude watching movies in class. Movies that I had to download on my computer then upload to my device bc there wasn’t even an App Store back then. and edge... don’t get me started.
Times have changed so quickly.

Yea I don’t do betas. Definitely not on my MacBook pros. I just avoid the headlines and temptation doesn’t get to me.
I will say, the jailbreak on my iPhone XS is godly. I love what it’s done to my device.

I’m sure you’ve got a lot on your lap with that NZ trip. But just know all kinds of people who don’t even know you irl (like me) believe in you to succeed. You surely can trust yourself to kick ass and enjoy yourself both. You’ve got this. Once you’re in the air most of the built up stress will die off anyways. Then you’ll just be left with the actual work itself and not so many what ifs.

Goodnight to you, off to bed I go. 👋

Nice photo session.

Sorry you have to reinstall everything on your Mac. For me that's really something fun to do every time I screwed up something on my laptop, but I'm running Linux machines...

Greetings from Mexico.

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That last pic💎💎💎

Wow! that sad @kommienezuspadt! Have you lost the support of the wacom and can not edit with your iPad? It's a terrible situation that you're going through, if I think many times we make mistakes that maybe we did not think it would bring greater consequences, but somehow it can be fixed, it has to.

My computer sometimes goes crazy because it is not as powerful as I would like and having open Ps, recording and having the tablet makes it a little crazy and I have to be in the same as you, it is annoying that because I can not work comfortably, many times I lose what I did and I have to start over again ...; (

Sensual photos, every photo session you make must be exciting, the emotion you feel when you can photograph and show in each photo a little story. You do a great job! Beautiful models always!

PS: You have not screwed it up, well, not intentionally ..! do not blame yourself so much I hope you can solve everything ...