International pinup, Debi!


A few minutes after midnight, and I’m writing my second Steemit post of that day. I’m feeling really good about that. Once upon a time, during the throes of the bear market, when it was new to all of us, I felt like multiple posts a day kept up moral. It’s been so long now, it’s just rewarding on a productivity level. I split my time as an illustrator, blogger, photo editor, friend, gardener, domestic partner and dad today. These are the days I like to look back on, especially as an immutable blockchain ledger, remember that I did in fact, make good use of my time here on earth.

I finished sketching and laying text for a new page of Steemian vs. “The Bear”. Check it out if you haven’t already. I edited four photos of @ryanashley and her man, met @vermillionfox, then came home and started editing. Tonight, I was determined to finish another set of my friend Debi. Debi is an interesting lady. She has a cool job that takes her all over the world […one of the few friends I have that travels more than me]. She spends her free time booking pinup shoots with fantastic vintage photographers in all the cities she visits. I’m one of them!

I’ve shared work with Debi several times here on Steemit, and every blog has showcased a different shoot. These photos are from our third and most recent shoot together at Viva Las Vegas in April. This was one of the most stressful shoot days I had. More or less, trying to juggle two shoots at the same time because of scheduling conflicts, then taking Debi immediately after at The Artisan Hotel. She is so easy going, once we started, I settled right back in. A few deep breaths and we were capturing this awesome, moody dark pinup images.

I have more of Debi to come. In fact, in addition to wrapping up the remaining edits I owe her, we’re already booked for Viva Las Vegas next year. I adore repeat clients like her, and she’s a darling to work with and know. I’m going to close this laptop and laugh with @vermillionfox as she tries to make it through Netflix’s Marianne. Tomorrow is Sunday, and I’m hoping for plenty more work, catching up on projects and finding as much productivity as I was able to manage today. Follow me @kommienezuspadt for more photography. Goodnight, Steemit!

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Hi Lars, it's really good that you look more productive. And great you can post 2 times a day between your daily activities that are very busy. And most importantly you can be a good father to @guthrie. I enjoy your photos, sir. Have a nice day.

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Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!