New work w/ Brandy Regale!


Hey, Steemit! The family is all here at @caffetto, all working on our own thing on this overcast day. It looks like it’s going to storm soon, which I’m okay with. I’ll take that over 95º and blinding sunlight. With the new @dtube update, @vermillionfox and I were just testing if it’s possible to do an entire video edit, upload and VLOG post using only an iPad Pro. She’s moments away from doing just that, which further encourages me to bring only my iPad Pro on my New Zealand and Australian trips. I’m running the iOS 13 pubic beta which makes the iPad Pro even more capable.

I’ll be meeting with @ghostfish this evening. We’re going to be working on @coppercoins with the intent to full launch and promote our @fundition campaign. The comic is almost done! After months of work and coffee shop collaborations, we have a dozen pages of art and dialog. All that’s left is to place speech bubbles and narration. I’m really proud of how this turned out and I think @ghostfish and I are both looking forward to the second story in the on going horror anthology. When it’s all ready, I’m pretty sure we’ll have ash cans in print available here for STEEM or SBD’s.

 New photos, and holy shit, these were just taken in June! As I’ve professed, this is part of my alternating work strategy, returning images to two clients that’ve been waiting the longest, and then a client I’ve most recently shot with. It’s been such a success, it feels like the only way out of the quagmire I’ve gotten myself in to the last year and a half. The client’s name was Brandy Regale and a Connecticut resident, she was willing to make the drive to meet me in Brooklyn, NY. She almost cancelled, but I assured her this would worth her time.

I wasn’t wrong about that. I think she momentarily went through a self-conscious spell, but we had our date set and meeting her in New York, she seemed energized and ready to shoot. She’d brought a box of props, including roses, candelabras, candles and small antique trinkets. My friend’s apartment has so much style and she was nicest enough to allow us her space for the set location. Brandy was an outstanding model and took wonderful direction. She wanted dark pinup, and that’s I was able to give her.

These are the first few photos with Brandy with at least two more sets to come. I’ll be posting for with her in the coming days and weeks before and during my Australia and New Zealand trip. Thanks so much to everyone still active here on Steemit, keeping the faith, even during the drudging times. I still consider this my home on the internet. The only social network worthy of my time and effort. For more photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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Hello @kommienezuspadt, how are you doing? I am very happy even though you are busy, you still have time to write in steemit. Your photos look really good with a very sexy model. I am waiting for you to launch your comic. Have a nice day, sir.

The comic is almost ready? Wow that's cool!!
I see that Brandy is a pretty girl and that she is ready for the photos, I think the idea of ​​the roses was very good, they look great! That green lamp is very beautiful, I like how the light reflects on it ..

It was with the specialist in dark pinup XD.

Hi @kommienezuspadt
What about your comic contest? Would you organize that again?