Revisiting my friendship w/ Miss Victory Violent before going to New Zealand!


Good day, Steemit. I’m at @caffetto watching dark clouds close in on uptown. It’s been ridiculously hot lately, and in the land of 10,000 lakes, disgustingly humid. With that heat, many of those afternoons have included heavy rain, which I think is about to happen. The benefits of a hot, rainy summer has been an incredibly prosperous gardening season. I’m going to save my big @papa-pepper style garden blog for later this week, but @vermillionfox and I came home to ready to pick lettuce and cucumbers! I can’t tell you how much that made my day. My lunch was picked, put on a tortilla wrap and enjoyed.

So, as many of you know, I’m leaving for New Zealand and Australia in just over a week. I’m trying to manage my stress about it. If I’m being honest, I’m nervous about it. I travel a lot. I’ve never been this far away, though. I hate flying, I’m worried about being on the other side of the world. So much can go wrong, and with STEEM and the entire cryptomarket hemorrhaging, I really don’t have much emergency money. It’ll be fine, I’m sure. It is most definitely a new career milestone, though. I never imagined 20 years ago when I started shooting, it would be taking me to such beautiful, exotic places.

The photos I’m sharing tonight are of Miss Victory Violet. One of my favorite pinup models, and the friend I’ll be seeing in New Zealand. We’ve shot together three times and we have a special connection as collaborating artists. Our first shoot together was in 2015, just hours before she participated in and won the Viva Las Vegas Pinup Pageant. Almost overnight, she became this world renown vintage blogger and model. It was really cool seeing that transformation happen, and to watch her mature and evolve in to the pinup personality and brand she’s become.

Amidst all the notoriety and fame, she’s remained one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. I love her company and of course, I love shooting with her. These edits are all new, sort of homage to our friendship. We’ll be shooting together in New Zealand as well. The symbolism in that is incredible to me. Although I’m nervous, there’s more of me that can’t wait. Thanks for reading and support my work here on Steemit, even during the $0.25 days. For more photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @ Kommienezuspadt! Good night!

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Wow this one is just amazing!!!
Definitely a great way to send her off! ❤️

Hello @ Kommienezuspadt, how are you doing? Summer and you are hot? I think you should enjoy the summer, sir. We in Indonesia can only feel the summer all year long because we live in the tropics. But we have very high rainfall. Wow .. your model is very beautiful and sexy. The photos you make are also very cool. I hope you will enjoy your trip to New Zealand. And I really want to read your experience there later. Have a nice day, sir.

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OMG Lars, you're coming into my neck of the world? :D That's exciting ! I hope the flights will be smooth and that it will be a wonderful trip :D

Miss Victory Violet is stunning and these shots are really very classy and very sensual <3 I hope the new shoot will also be very magical :) I think it is amazing that you have such real and genuine bonds with some of your models.... It speaks volumes to your character and I, for one, am not surprised :)


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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Love your warm color grading. Fits too much well :)
Cool place for a great model...

Amazing Illustration me and my family also have an amazing garden, Steem will go up and everything will be great , only the persistent are destined to succeed.

She’s gorgeous and always has the best hair!