Revisiting the classics w/ Dominique D'Vita!


Hi, Steemit. For two years now, I’ve sulked in to @caffetto and found @mada perched in front of his computer. Poor guy. He’s become my pseudo-crypto-therapist. Technically, this is all his fault, to be fair. He introduced me to Steemit almost three years ago. Today was no exception. He offered me a listening session while I vented about my frustrations. The Bitcoin dominance index has been ridiculous, and as it rises, all of our alt coins stagnatee. Fine. Why in the fuck, when Bitcoin “corrects” shedding $2000 in a few hours, does STEEM and every other coin tank with it. Really frustrating.

Alright. Between all of you and @mada hearing my grievances, let’s move on to something that doesn’t fluctuate and that’s good art! We’ve all been waking up early because of gas line construction right outside our bedroom windows. Not having a say in the matter, we all got up early. I cut weeds, @guthrie and @vermillionfox cleaned and we all went to @caffetto. While they were at the pool, I had a chance to start editing, keeping up the client returns momentum. I was able to do that with a client from years ago named Dominique D’Vita.

When I say “years ago”, what I mean is, we’d shot years earlier. She’s featured in my book, “Dark Pinup” by @wcpublishing. She wanted to order a few more edits from our previous shoots, which given my current workload, seemed hard to find time to fit in. Fortunately, because of the MacBook reformatting dilemma I recently went through, I’ve been spending some time sorting through old HD’s to recover PSD files and font libraries. During that searching, I did find the original RAW images from my shoots with Dom.

These photos were taken around 2015. It was comforting to reminisce during that time of my career. Life was coming at me faster than I could absorb. Having the opportunity to dig through old photos is therapeutic in a strange way. Dom was always so kind to me. Like most of my shoots during Viva Las Vegas, it’s a blur. Sometimes two or three shoots a day, but I recall taking my time and enjoying her company while shooting at my friend Ralph’s Speakeasy in Paradise, NV. These images were from those dark pinup sessions.

I hope you enjoyed these throwback photos of Dominique D’Vita from a golden age of my pinup career. The work I shot during this time, not just with Dominique, but most of my shoots between 2012 - 2015 was the genesis of the dark pinup genre, that’s now become much bigger than myself as an artist. Of course, thank you for giving me a chance to vent about the blockchain[s] as well. I’m not going anywhere. For more photography and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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very old school looking! reminded me of ''Mad Men''. <3

Wow so much! I have no emogis of screams .. recovered to go so down fast :O.

From what I read that was a very important facet for you. I think if I took them I would remember it too, they are great! the second is my favorite, the car is a great touch for the photo is very of that time ..

Hello @kommienezuspadt, how are you doing? I really enjoyed the photos that you shared. I prefer photos of women standing in cars. I think it's very sexy. Have a nice day, sir.

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!!