Wrapping up w/ Drea Alexa!


Hey, friends! I’m winding down for the night. My eyes are blurry from looking at a screen for 16 hours. I typically jump from shoot to shoot when editing. That’s why I prefer to return images as “sets”. Three or four edits from a single shoot. Today, because of deadline circumstances, I sent 12 hours on one shoot. I had a break midday where I was able to play Magic with @tarotbyfergus. That was nice, but the rest of it was just a grind. I’m really glad to be closing this laptop […after posting], and reading some of @mada’s novel, Rainbow Lullaby.

The backlog of work has been really stressful. As I mentioned, I’m on the @eos.detroit team, I’m working with a writer in LA on a comic book, developing another comic and novel with @ghostfish, while still trying to be a present part of my family. During Viva Las Vegas, I shot with this bombshell babe, Drea Alexa. I recently shared some work with her in my Steemit post, “Pure Gold w/ Drea Alexa!”. You should visit that if you haven’t already seen it. This girl is so awesome and so patient. I appreciate her so much.

Tonight, I was able to wrap our shoot up. Some of my clients from New Zealand and Australia are messaging me about their edits, but before I could go any further on them, I had to get the last of these edits to Drea. I do love coming back to shoots from earlier in the year because it reminds me of my favorite moments. I’ve been Instagram friends with Drea for years and this was our first time meeting and shooting together. We were fortunate to catch the beautiful golden hour light right through the hotel window of the Rio.

So, this’ll be it of Drea until we shoot again […hopefully during Viva Las Vegas next Spring as she now lives there]. I’m exhausted, guys. I tend to take on more than I should. Far more than a person can fit in to one day, but I’m really happy to not be preparing [physically and mentally] for a big international trip. I’m watching documentaries nonstop, creating art and sharing it here on the blockchain. Thanks for following all of it here on Steemit. Follow me here @kommienezuspadt for more photography.

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Posted many days, I look forward to seeing the pretty photography of your post.

Really great to you. Happy good day

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Hi Lars, I am very happy to be able to read your writing again. You must protect your eyes, buddy. I think constantly staring at the screen for 16 hours is not good for your eyes. Your model this time is very sexy and chubby. The tattoo on her body is truly extraordinary. Very beautiful. I really enjoyed your blog, sir. Have a nice day.


Yeah, @elianaelisma. I know. I had a lot of work to catch up on and sometimes that's how it has to be. Yes, she's thick. I like photographing men and women with different body types. It's one of my favorite parts of my job.

Now this I like! :-)


You know it's a good morning when I wake up just as you have uploaded a new set of photos for us to drool over. Fantastic work, like always!


OAWWWWWW someone has learned Finnish 😍

Where did you go dear? Posted a long time later. I've missed a lot of your pretty photography over the past few days. Your photography is very good. Thanks for sharing your photography with us.

Steemit welcomes you in a new way. Have a nice day. Keep up your great work. Take care.

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The last couple of days were busy, but I finally found the time to post. Thanks, @saifulshahid!


Welcome dear. Have a nice day.

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I like the models, some nice ink. Good work

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