Memories of the Vatican

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Two years ago I was the Vatican
When my friends said I was going to Italy, they were surprised because they had never mentioned this country before. As I decided, I did it and I do not regret my decision.
I visited several regions, but this is what I wanted to describe Vatican.



Saint Peter's Square impressed me. It was very positive to feel the atmosphere among people from around the world with different denominations, skin color. Languages ​​from around the world could be heard, and I was cool among them :)



After a thorough look at the square, it's time for St. Peter's Basilica.



Inside the Basilica is another chapter, here an art lover will testify to everything.
Beautiful paintings, frescoes, sculptures that survive and invite you with their beauty from the door



Ceilings, walls, floor, one piece of art :)


There are many graves, crypts of the popes in the Basilica.
For us, however, the grave of Pope Karol Wojtyła is undoubtedly the most important.


At the tomb of John Paul the Second, I stayed for a longer time, a moment of reflection, a short prayer, paying homage.

Some graves are especially eye-catching

One of the most interesting figures is the Statue of Saint Peter, which tourists touch and kiss on foot.
You are not allowed to take close-up photos. I was a witness when a lady wanted to take a picture, when she kissed and ticked, the guard grabbed her hand, the poor got scared and everyone laughed. Why, because this guard was identical to this statue, I didn't see him either, he stood next to me. :)


Day two

Wednesday's general audience at St. Peter's Square.
Being the Vatican and not seeing the Pope is like being in Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower. I did not have the opportunity to meet our Polish, so the second day I went again to St. Peter's Square.
Again, going through security procedures, squeezing through the crowd, because there are many more people than the day before. Searching for the right place and waiting for the Pope.
After standing for a long time, there were screams, everyone took hold of the cameras, but the false alarm is not the Pope, so several times. Everyone wanted to take at least one photo, I stood at the gate, although you never know which way it will go. Again a cry and please, the Pope is coming to greet the faithful. Although I'm not fanatically believing, it was nice to see him live. There was an atmosphere of uniqueness. People from all over the world.



There is a post office in the Vatican, I don't know if I was unlucky, I sent two cards, none came.

The Vatican is the seat of the church, the purpose of pilgrimage, but you must be aware that it is the smallest country in the world that holds the greatest secrets. The wealth he possesses has not always been from the gifts of the faithful. During the war, the Vatican was silent, although people were killed in the gas chambers. After the war, he smuggled German criminals. They preach about poverty themselves, have accounts of billions, and additional wealth in works of art. They hide table pedophiles, smuggled and even crimes.

Thank you for reading, sorry for the mistakes :)
Greetings !!! :)

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